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Reference Documents

CHA-RI Formation and Operations

Applicable CHA-RI Statutes

RI Gen Law 42-12-29 effective until January 2016 – Children's Health Account
RI Gen Law 42-12-29 effective January 2016 – Children’s Health Account
RI Gen Law 42-7.4-3 – Imposition of Healthcare Services Funding Contribution

Description of Services Funded by the Children’s Health Account

Cedar Family Centers are a care coordination system that provides families with assistance and support to get the services needed for their child. Families’ needs are assessed and a family-driven action plan is developed and implemented.

Home Based Therapeutic Services (HBTS) provides intensive one on one training and skill development for children with significant developmental delays or major behavioral issues. A clinical care team makes a plan in partnership with the family that will assist the child in participating in their family and community.

Personal Assistance Services and Support (PASS) enables a child to work on everyday life skills. A direct care worker, chosen by the family, supports the child participation in these skill building activities multiple times during the week.

Kids Connect allows children to stay in childcare programs and provides a therapeutic integration plan. This enables families to maintain their employment and provide for their families with the comfort of knowing their child is in a supportive childcare setting.

Child and Adolescent Treatment Services (CAITS) help families to avoid the emergency room by providing assistance during urgent and crisis situations.

Private Duty Nurses provide medical assistance for children who are medically compromised. The frequency of the assistance depends on the child’s needs and diagnosis.

Personal Care Services are provided by a CNA and help to keep children at home and out of long term hospital stays.

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