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Funding supports the following service categories: 1) Cedar Family Center Services; 2) Home Based Therapeutic Services; 3) Personal Assistance Services and Supports; 4) KidsConnect; 5) Child and Adolescent Treatment Services; 6) Private Duty Nursing; 7) Personal Care Services.

The assessment rate that will apply for state fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30 will go into effect for the assessments due July 30 of the current year. This assessment rate is only for the Children’s Health Account. The Children’s Health Account funds the services listed above, distinct from the Rhode Island Vaccine Assessment Program (RIVAP) and not included in the RIVAP assessment rate.

Payer Notifications - Rates
FY 2023 CHA-RI Assessment Rate
FY 2022 CHA-RI Assessment Rate
FY 2021 CHA-RI Assessment Rate
FY 2020 CHA-RI Assessment Rate
FY 2019 CHA-RI Assessment Rate

Assessment Rate Workbooks
FY2023 Assessment Rate Workbook
FY2022 Assessment Rate Workbook
FY 2021 Assessment Rate Workbook
FY 2020 Assessment Rate Workbook
FY 2019 Assessment Rate Workbook

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